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Business Intelligence & Analytics 

Meridian Systematics is an award-winning Business Intelligence Consulting firm

providing a wide array of services. We specialize in all aspects of Business Intelligence from Data Warehousing,  Analytics, Reporting, and Performance Scorecards.

Reliable Business Insight
Organizations today have more data than they know what to do with. However data is only as good as the business intelligence systems they use to interpret that data, otherwise it’s just excessive noise. We help our clients filter out that noise with custom business intelligence solutions and implementation.

Surfacing Data
We visualize data across multiple devices to give your team anytime access. From offline data access to mobility and stunning visuals, your team will know the appropriate course of action. 


Broad Experience, Diverse Solutions
Our team has worked across the technology stack from SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL to Power BI, GreenPlum, BigQuery, Tableau and more. Let’s discuss how we can help. Our business intelligence consultants can work with you to improve the return on your data.


Expert Data Engineering

We start with getting to know your business
What are your goals? Does your existing platform meet your needs, or does it fall short? We partner with your teams to understand your business needs and technical capabilities, then provide an analysis of the gaps.

We tailor platform and information architectures to your needs
Armed with business and technical insights, our experts design platform application architectures. Instead of force fitting expensive or cumbersome solutions, Meridian focuses on what works best for your enterprise.

Your data infrastructure is critical to your company's success
So is choosing the right partner. Whether you're launching a big data initiative, moving to the cloud or revamping your existing solutions, Meridian's data engineering expertise helps your company get more out of your data and become data-driven.


Analytic Automation

Meridian treats data as a precious corporate asset.

We harness modern automated approaches to drive business insights, process improvement, and innovation.


Our engineers produce automated processes that are reliably consistent and cost effective. Our well-designed data driven routines can perform ETL, reporting, data hygiene and routine analytics as data becomes available or after hours to conserve resources.


Intelligence Analysis

Meridian's Intelligence Analysts are senior subject matter experts with varied experience supporting the Intelligence Community (IC) in technical and management roles.


We posses decades of experience conducting analyses and research, preparing assessments of world events, developing and maintaining analytical procedures in collaboration with IC partners, and collecting data to support IC activities.


A multi-INT background, with knowledge and expertise in HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, MASINT, and/or GEOINT, is crucial to the Intelligence Analyst’s ability to positively impact the customer’s mission in unique, innovative ways.

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