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Are you Engineered for the Future?
  • IT Strategy
  • Data Strategy
  • Mission Strategy
  • Operations Strategy
Business Modernization and Process Automation
  • Cloud Operations
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Engineering
  • ML/AI System Design
Design, Integrate, and Maintain 
Future Technology Systems
  • Full BI/BA Services
  • Data Engineering
  • Automated Analysis
  • Intelligence Analysis
Unlocking your Company's
Full Analytic Potential
Meridian Systematics is a Northern Virginia based company and proud to be a
Service Disabled Veteran, Minority, and Woman Owned Small Business (SDVOSB/SDB/WOSB). 
Our goal is to meet the increasing demand for highly specialized information systems, business strategies, and technical expertise to get the mission done right.
Meridian Systematics experts seamlessly deploy automated mission systems,
designed for future analytics, aligned with proven management strategies.






Years Experience


Mission & Vision

Meridian Systematics serves the U.S. Intelligence Community, Other Government Agencies, and commercial corporations with Strategy, Technology, and Intelligence professionals of the highest caliber. We are dedicated to driving our clients through the hurdles of achieving effective and efficient operations with modern information systems.


We strive to ensure organizations develop confidence in their business processes and technologies, allowing personnel to remain focused on the more important missions at hand. We drive our clients missions forward with the critical intelligence required to solve key strategic, operational, and tactical analytic challenges.


Through strict and selective recruitment of highly qualified candidates, we intend to continue providing our customers with the best. We desire to pursue challenging and rewarding work and provide our experts with unique opportunities to evolve mission systems and resolve complex intelligence questions.

Meridian Values


It is our primary mission to strive for the highest level of moral accountability and ethical conduct across our workforce. We believe that how we conduct ourselves whether it is in-front of clients or within our office, it will define the success of our company. Providing others with the respect and honesty they deserve will continue to propel our business relations.     



Being "service" minded towards our customers, partners, and staff will allow us to focus on; superior customer service, joint-service partnerships, and serving our personnel as our greatest asset. 



Our level of customer commitment exceeds any contractual agreement. We understand mission requirements often fluctuate and call for more than expected. We stand ready to go "above and beyond" to ensure your mission needs are our top priority.

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